Pix 🪄

Back in June of 2021,  Henrique, Itaú Product Designer, reached out to me to develop a style and create illustrations for the launch of Pix in mobile app and website.

Pix was the first disruptive system of payments in Brazil created by Central Bank of Brazil. Pix allows users to instantly transfer cash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 

The main goal was to engage and empower new users to create a key Pix registration.

As there wasn’t a specific art direction to follow, I was excited to dive into the exploration and experiment.

Client - Iti Itaú 
My Role - Art Direction, Illustration, Animation & UI
Core Team - Henrique Ferarrezo, Manuella Doer & Patrícia Bello

Motion studies
Ui studies

Marketing studies

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